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10 Ways of sharing Optimism to other person

Having a bad day at the office? Stuck in traffic for hours? There are many negative factors around you that contribute to pessimism inside you.  Don’t you worry! I am here to give you a daily dose of optimism. Let us turn your frown into smile, let us see the goodness in every situation. First step,… Read More »

The Ten Games of Christmas

A party without games will be boring. So here are The Ten Games of Christmas. I made a list and you can double check it. Christmas Party games for all ages and generations. Maybe keep them busy while providing fun and entertainment. In the spirit of Holidays, give out rewards to the winners. And consolation… Read More »

Ways to hack your Holiday spending

Do not break your savings this holiday! There are ways to hack your Holiday spending. Try these tips to get a handle of your gift budget. Santa may have his elves as gift shop workers. But odds are your budget is not quite as expansive. Do not loose hope! There are some ways to hack… Read More »

Why I am Single?

Why I am single? Most of the time this is what you ask of your self. People particularly those over 30’s experience this. They are a lot of reasons why they are still single. Some are single because they choose to. While others just simply not interested on being in a serious relationships. Or maybe… Read More »