10 Ways of sharing Optimism to other person

By | December 18, 2017

Having a bad day at the office? Stuck in traffic for hours? There are many negative factors around you that contribute to pessimism inside you.  Don’t you worry! I am here to give you a daily dose of optimism. Let us turn your frown into smile, let us see the goodness in every situation.

First step, Smile! smile even though things aren’t going your way. It makes you look younger and it also help others to wear their own smile. Remember the saying “Smile and the world will smile with you.” because it is contagious and can easily be transferred to another person.

Here are 10 ways or tips I can share with you on spreading optimism which you can start today.


1. Be present for a person

It it always the best thing on spreading positive vibes by being an ear and shoulder to another person who are need of it, someone who can listen to their rants and someone to cry on.

Just let them pull out the tension in them by simply being there for them. They cannot find solutions to their problems if they haven’t release the negativity.

After bursting the negative tension, and as they realize your worth then can now take such actions to their issues and can avoid building mountains of them.

Remember that a person can not fully find solution to an issue if they mind are full of negative thoughts. Eventually, after they have burst all unto you, you can now share with each other’s perspective of the issue which may lead to finding solutions on it. Again, just be there for them for if they see how effective it is, they can do it to other person and the person does it also to another person. Simple act of kindness.


2. Listen to positive music

Music has different genres and there are some which may uplift your mood and open windows for your new perspectives.

This can be applied also to others. When you are on your favorite place to hangout, you can turn on an uplifting or positive music that can inspire them. You may also send them playlist suggestions of uplifting music which they can listen through their gadgets or their Spotify.


3. Give a compliment

People receiving compliment even the simplest way makes them feel their worth.

I know this one because I been on the Service Industry for almost 5 years and simple compliments on my work puts smile on my face and boosts my self esteem and energy to pursue more on what I am doing and excel more on it.

For you it might just be a compliment that you have given them but for them it may be a big thing.


4. Always wear a smile

As I mentioned above, this is very contagious and can easily be transferred to another person. This simple gesture can make a big difference to someone.

Besides, this is priceless so why not give it to anyone or everyone you meet. So SMILE! 🙂


5.  Have “WE” time with someone

Know someone who is Busy at school or stress at work? Invite them to a “WE” time, have a cup of coffee and have a conversation with each other.

Or you may visit some place far from their regular environment and enjoy the moment.  Let them take a break and exhale their stress by enjoying and relaxing.


6. Cook their favorite food

If they think that the circumstances are not with them, be a Chef for a while and cook their favorite food.

Or you make ask them to eat on their favorite food place.


7. Give simple hidden notes

Spare a time to write simple notes to someone. You may be anonymous on giving it to them. You may stick it on their workstation, on their favorite mug or tumbler or even on the refrigerator.

Note can be inspiring, encouraging or just a thank you message.


8. Share your first time with someone

This can be a place you recently discover which you know you both have interest on or something you have overcome like fear of heights. Can be things you made on your own for the first time like construction home furniture.

Simple yet can really mean a lot and adds positive vibes towards someone. It can make them look forward on visiting or experience it on their own.


9. Give a hug

This is more than a smile. A hug is a form of making some feel a little better and at ease or secured again. But use it appropriately.

Never underestimate the power of a hug. It’s emotional effect to someone and how it can turn their frown into smile.

Hugging a person with problems or issues within them is just like saying “You can do it, I got you!”.


10. Pay it forward

As what it is says, if there is someone who had done you a positive actions or gestures, pay it forward too.

That person who felt positive on your actions and gestures will eventually share to others.

Would you imagine, a growing upward vine of  encouragement, kindness and optimism.

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